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Research on Mobile - Kyselyt

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Puuttuva Cashback pyyntö : Kyllä
Research on Mobile - Kyselyt Osallistu kyselyyn ja sinulle maksetaan palkkio.
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Osallistu kyselyyn ja sinulle maksetaan palkkkio

  • The minimum amount to withdraw is 1000.
  • We have made sure that you have the possibility of withdrawal without any commissions and hidden fees.
  • After a purchase, the transaction gets tracked within 72 hours and the cashback is credited to your account.
  • On reaching a minimum threshold of $100 or more as ‘Confirmed Cashback’ you can withdraw the cashback.

DosVarmistaaksesi, että palautuksesi onnistuu:

  • Make Sure To Complete Your Transaction Within The Opened Tab.
  • Ensure Cart Is Empty Before Clicking On Our Website.
  • Add Items To Your Cart Only After The Click. Click Again If There\'s An Error.
  • If For Some Reason Your Payment Made On Merchant Page Has Failed, Do Click Through Our Website Again.
  • Return To Our Website And Click Through To The Merchant Every Time You Are Making A New Transaction.

donts Cashback ei ole kelvollinen:

  • Cashback Is Not Applicable On Bulk Purchases
  • Do Not Open Any Other Comparison Or Coupon Providing Websites.
  • No Cashback Will Be Provided In Case You Return Or Cancel The Order.
  • Cashback Is Not Applicable On Shopping Through Credits/Gift Vouchers.
  • Accounts That Try To Manipulate The Cashback Mechanism And Engage In Fraud Activities Will Be Banned
  • Orders Placed On Store Mobile App Are Not Eligible For Cashback

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